MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | 17127 | 127

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The former Yugoslav Air Force & Air Defence Force (JRViPVO) still operated a considerable number of MiG-21s when the war between Croatia and Serbia broke out, in the summer of 1991. Together with several types of light strikers produced in Yugoslavia, these played the dominant role in the air war. Yugoslav pilots were well-trained and considered capable opponents during the 1970s and 1980s. Nevertheless, by the early 1990s the JRViPVO was heavily hit by the years-long economy crisis that caused shortages of spare parts and fuel. Defections of Slovenian, Croatian and personnel of other nationalities, as well as a series of reorganizations caused by a swift pull-out of many units out of Croatia and Slovenia, created - in cooperation with poor leadership - a complete chaos within the air force, and its total effect on the war on the ground was therefore minimal.


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MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | 17127 | 127