MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | c/n N75087406 | 511

Aircraft model

Pointe Noire - Agostini Neto AB, Congo-Brazzaville, 1997; This MiG-21bis, 511 (c/n N75087406) is wearing the new national markings of Force Aerienne Congolaise (Congolese Air Force), introduced only in 1991. Congo acquired 16 MiG-21bis directly from the USSR in 1990, plus several MiG-21US trainers. Within only few years, several were lost in different accidents, and by 1997 all but two were stored in a disused hangar at Pointe-Norie airfield. Interestingly, the examples 511 and 513 carried this apparently 'standardized' camouflage pattern, as seen also on MiG-21bis of Burkina Faso and Mozambique, but the example 525 - found in the same hangar on the Pointe Noire airfield - was painted light blue-gray overall. The MiG-21US 503, as well as MiG-21bis 521 and 523, seen in 1997 at Brazzaville airfield, were also camouflaged in sand, light olive, and dark green, but the 527, seen on the same place, was painted in light blue-gray overall.


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c/n N75087406

MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | c/n N75087406 | 511