MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | 53

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Mysterious MiG: this is a reconstruction of the MiG-21 clearly seen by Maj. Roger Locher (F-4D No.65-0784) from a range of barely 300ft when it almost collided with Oyster 1 during the engagement on the morning of 10 May 1972. In the following moments, Maj. Lodge turned behind this MiG in an attempt to shot it down, in turn exposing the tail of his aircraft to four J-6s that were approaching from the other side. Maj. Lodge did not survive the mission to tell the story, but in an interview for the Red Baron report, Maj. Locher recalled that this MiG wore a blue serial 53 and had its cockpit trimmed in blue. While the last detail is exceptionally unusual - then, there is no pictorial evidence of any MiG-21s of any air force being ever painted this way - the serial was probably applied in this manner, clearly indicating the origin of the aircraft: the USSR. If the pilot was Soviet remains unclear. Surely enough, a closer research about the Vietnamese reports about air battles over North Vietnam usually do not mention any kind of operations flown by foreign pilots. For many observers, this indicated that no foreign pilots have ever flown missions for the North Vietnamese air force, except perhaps one or two. In fact, however, in 2002 the North Koreans openly admitted their pilots to have flown for the SRVAF in the 1960s. A similar confirmation from the USSR-archieves is still not appearing.


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MiG MiG-21/J-7 Fishbed/Mongol | 53