Junkers Ju.87 Stuka | W.Nr.??? | 208-4

208 Squdriglia, 101 Gruppo Autonomo Bombardamento a Tuffo
Aircraft model

Trapani (Trapani), Sicily, June 1941. Yellow (Giallo Cromo 7) engine cowlings, in this case just a band, became a standard feature throughout the Regia Aeronautica between March and October of 1941. This early directive was later discontinued and allows us to identify this machine as one of the Picchiatelli that participated in the operations against Malta in the summer of 1941. (Camouflage: RLM70 Schwarzgrun / RLM71 Dunkelgrun upper surfaces with RLM65 Hellblau undersides).

Aircraft model

Ju.87 Stuka


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