Caudron C.440/C.444/C.445/C.448/C.449 Goeland | N8715 | F-ARTR

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In autumn 1944, the depicted Caudron C-445 Goeland occurred in restored French Air Force. To evoke Allies airplanes as much as possible also in colours, they painted it with brownish-green colour reproducing the American shade Olive Drab on its upper and lateral surfaces. Analogously also the bottom surfaces with grey colour. Also some French variant of invasion strips appeared on this machine, although this airplane had not taken part in any disembarkation of course. On the vertical tail flat, the machine carried also Lorraine cross, the symbol of Free Frenchmen. <br><br> Before the war, during the war and shortly after, two-engined Goelands appeared in inexhaustible camouflage colour variants - until the year 1939 and after 1945, aluminium painting of all surfaces was frequent. During the war, for French planes usually three-coloured camouflage was used on the upper surfaces (brown, green and dark greyish-blue in irregular fields) with bluish-grey bottom surfaces. In the Navy, dark greyish-blue colour from above and the same from the bottom was used. In Africa (Vichy forces) some machines had sandy upper surfaces with brown fields etc. Luftwaffe machines flew with dark grey (RLM 71) from above and light blue (RLM 65) from the bottom, in Africa with 'tropical' colours.


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Caudron C.440/C.444/C.445/C.448/C.449 Goeland | N8715 | F-ARTR

Caudron C.440/C.444/C.445/C.448/C.449 Goeland | N8715 | F-ARTR