Short Stirling | N3707 | MG-F

Short Stirling | N3707 | MG-F

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Plane was on a mine-laying mission near the Nectarines area on August 16, 1942 when the radio operator radioed for a position at 04:58. Within a few hours, the Stirling, piloted by Sgt. S.C. Orrell, made a wheels-down landing in a marshy field near Gorinchem, The Netherlands. Luftwaffe personnel from nearby Gilze-Rijen airfield took two-weeks to make field repairs to the damaged Stirling and prepare the meadow as a make-shift runway. The Stirling was flown to Gilze-Rijen on September 5, 1942. It was tested at Erprobungsstelle Rechin, Germany, recoded as Luftwaffe 6+8.

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Short Stirling | N3707 | MG-F

Short Stirling | N3707 | MG-F