Curtiss SOC Seagull | 201-S-2

Curtiss SOC Seagull | 201-S-2

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'Flight Deck, US Navy Carrier Operations 1940-1945', by Al Adcock, A Squadron/Signal Publications
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Scouting Squadron Two Hundred and One (VS-201) flew this Curtiss SOC-3A Seagull (201-S-2) for armed scouting missions from AVG-1 USS Long Island in early 1942. The SOC was usually equipped with floats for operating from cruisers.

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SOC Seagull


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Curtiss SOC Seagull | 201-S-2

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CVE-1 USS Long Island;AVG-1;ACV-1

Curtiss SOC Seagull | 201-S-2