Tupolev TB-3 (ANT-6) | c/n.22529 | 11

Tupolev TB-3 (ANT-6) | c/n.22529 | 11

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'Aviation World Magazine' 1994, No.2 (No.8)

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Spring, 1942. <br><br> The exemplar was produced on the aircraft plant 22 (Moscow) at the end of 1934. After necessary working up-to-standard it was accepted by the military representative in Spring of 1935. The plane was parted with two colours all upper and side surfaces were green, while undersides were light blue. Red stars {without outline) were on the wings' undersurfaces and fuselage sides aft wing 4 blade wooden propellers had metal cover on the blade's tearing edge. During the combat flights plane received some damage from German FLAK which were covered with plan dural patches (don't forget. ТВ-3 had manly corrugated skin) during repairs. Until the spring of 1942 the plane had tad number  'White 9'. Later it was overpainted. In spring 1943 aircraft was damaged, later unassembled and transported to regiment's main base, but not repaired. <br> Plane's crew commander - N Bobin. co-pilot - A.Vasilyev, navigator - L.Ageyev, on board technician - S.Bokun. assistant on-board technician - K.Golubev, turret gunner - I.Zarezaye, wireless operator - Zvyagintsev. tail gunner - Akoulov.

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TB-3 (ANT-6)


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Tupolev TB-3 (ANT-6) | c/n.22529 | 11

Tupolev TB-3 (ANT-6) | c/n.22529 | 11