Breguet Br.14/Br.17 | 10.36

Breguet Br.14/Br.17 | 10.36

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Flieger-Revue Extra, No.8

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After the First World War, Poland and Lithuania went to war over the city of Vilna (now Vilnius). One day after a truce was signed in October, 1920, the Polish General Lucian Zeligowski seized Vilna and proclaimed it capital of the new state of Central Lithuania. He ceded control to Poland following a plebiscite in late 1921 (According other source Red Army freed Vilnius on 14th July 1920. Than on 9th October 1920 it was captured by Polish again. Till 1939 it was a part of Polish state). <br><br> In October and November 1920 flew the Breguet Br.14 30 attacks against Lithuanian targets and also she took part in air combats. The Breguet Br.14 served in the 16th polish fighter squadron.

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Breguet Br.14/Br.17 | 10.36

Breguet Br.14/Br.17 | 10.36