Dassault Mirage III | 799

Dassault Mirage III | 799

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In March 1964 two Mirage IIIRJs were delivered to Israel, serialed 98 and 99, and allocated to the 'Bat' Squadron. Both aircraft could be equipped with several different, interchangable camera noses, each of which was containing different types of cameras. The one depicted here was used during the frantic reconnaissance sortie flown over Egyptian airfields on 5 June, in the aftermath of the Wave I of Operation Moked. This 'Moshel' camera nose contained an American Fairchild camera equipped with a wide angle lens, covered by a one-piece glazing unit that enable a panoramic view downwards. Such construction enabled the aircraft to execute the sortie while operating at a very low level and thus avoid early detection as well as enemy SA-2 SAMs.

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Mirage III


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Dassault Mirage III | 799

Dassault Mirage III | 799