Heinkel He.111 | V4+AB

Heinkel He.111 | V4+AB

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'Heinkel He.111', AJ-PRESS'1993, Robert Michulec
Jaroslaw Wrobel

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Typical pre war camouflage. From the top RLM61/62/63. From the bottom RLM65. On the rudder a swastika in a white circle on a red background standard. In 1939, before the outbreak of the war, the red standards were painted over with one of the camouflaging colors. Not many of these planes participated in the September campaign, therefore preserving the 'old' style of camouflage. The KG1 'Hindenburg' emblem. The emblems outline was painted in the squadron/flight colors. In this case in green indicating that this aircraft belonged to the command group.

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Heinkel He.111 | V4+AB

Heinkel He.111 | V4+AB