Avia B.35/B.135 | c/n.7044 | 5

Avia B.35/B.135 | c/n.7044 | 5

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Historie a Plastikove Modelarstvi (HPM) 1994, No.4

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The Avia B-135.105, flown on 30th March 1944 by feldfebl Yordan Ferdinandov to attack a formation of American bombers. The white '5' tactical code number on the fuselage was derived from the machine's serial number. The same number was repeated on the underside of both wings. The top and side surfaces of the machine were painted in a uniform shade of RLM71 dark green, on the wing and tail upper surfaces complemented by a disruptive pattern of irregular stripes of RLM70 black green. The undersurfaces were in the RLM65 light blue as per standard German practice.

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Avia B.35/B.135 | c/n.7044 | 5


Ferdinandov Yordan

Avia B.35/B.135 | c/n.7044 | 5