PZL P.11 | G.191

PZL P.11 | G.191

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'PZL P.11c' by Bartolomiej Belarz and Tomasz Kopanski
Artur Juszczak

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Circa 1941. <br><br> Only one PZL P.11 flew on 23rd September 1939 to Hungary, it was the machine of Major Eugeniusz Wyrwicki and Lieutenant Colonel Izycki, who landed with his plane on the Hajduboszormen Airfield on the 23rd September 1939. Shortly after the plane was flown (already with overpainted chessboard) by Major Wyrwicki to Debrecen, where the plane was taken over by the Hungarian Air Force. The Hungarian Air Force used the P.11 as training plane to summer 1940, after that the plane got an civil registration (HA-NBN) and was used by the University of Technology in Budapest as trainer and glider towing plane to autumn 1944, where the plane was destroyed due the Soviet invasion in Hungary.

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PZL P.11 | G.191

PZL P.11 | G.191