Hawker Tempest | NX131 | A

Hawker Tempest | NX131 | A

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Aircraft Monthly Magazine, May 2004
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Pilot - CO of 8 Sqn, Squadron Leader Frank Jonsen. Aden, 1948. <br><br> A weathered post-war Day Fighter scheme of overall Aluminium, applied in-service directly over the original Ocean Grey/Dark Green/Medium Sea Grey scheme which was starting to show through in places. Bright Red, White and Bright Blue post-war National markings were applied in all six positions and were of 48 inches diameter above the wings, 36 inches diameter on the fuselage sides and 32 inches diameter on the wing undersides. The Bright Red, White and Bright Blue tail fin marking was 24 inches square. The fuselage serial number was 8 inches high in Night. The individual aircraft letter was approximately 24 inches high, probably in Night. Under wing serials were approximately 36 inches high in Night and did not extend over the undercarriage leg and wheel covers due to the outer positioning of the under wing roundels. The spinner was also probably Night. The canopy hood framing was still in camouflage colours. Note the small 'winged 8' emblem on the cowling sides, the No 8 Sqn emblem within a standard frame on the fin and the Squadron Leaders pennant under the windscreen.

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Hawker Tempest | NX131 | A

Hawker Tempest | NX131 | A